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Symphony of the Soil

You can help us spread the word about 2015 being the International Year of the Soil, by linking to or embedding Symphony of the Soil on your site or clicking the share button.

Help raise soil consciousness by purchasing a DVD, giving a DVD to friends, or by participating in our Educational Gift Program.

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Organic family farms

As part of the International Year of Family Farming, Organic NZ is publishing profiles of organic family farms in every issue for 2014. We've selected four of these articles for you to read online - see below.

Healthy goats, healthy cheese

Alice Bulmer visits John and Jeanne van Kuyk of Aroha Organic Goat Cheese
It’s the middle of a drought – and John and Jeanne van Kuyk’s ‘girls’ couldn’t be happier ... more

It’s a vine thing

Theresa Sjoquist profiles Artisan Wines, a family vineyard that has become a hub of the Oratia community with its restaurant and weekly farmers’ market ... more

Te Koha Organics

by Bridget Freeman Rock
Shiloh, home to Te Koha Organics, is an 11-acre paradise on the outskirts of Hastings ... more

Success from the ground up

Suzanne Middleton visits Paul and Tracey Ruddenklau, who manage Kilbrannan near Te Anau, and discovers that organic farm management can be as intense and challenging as ownership ... more

Conflict of interest for new EPA head

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency has been an open advocate of genetic engineering, and therefore has a conflict of interest when

GE or not GE? A victory for democracy

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Zealanders can take heart that it is now confirmed that regional councils have the right to make planning decisions about the outdoor use of ge

Can we trust the label ‘organic’?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

More than ever, consumers need to know they can trust food labels, but the word ‘organic’ is being misused by some producers.

Organic NZ latest issue


July/August 2015

We hope you’re keeping warm and well this winter! Or are you dealing with coughs, colds or fever in your family? We’ve got some natural health tips for you.

Are you spending far too much time looking at a screen? Read why ‘blue light’ plays havoc with your eyes and your body clock, and how you can reduce screen time.

Keeping with the health theme, we explore whether a more alkaline diet can help those with irritable bowel syndrome.

And we ask: is Roundup causing a food safety crisis?


Other articles include:

·         Bokashi for kitchens large and small

·         Luscious limes, and recipes

·         Exploring the permaculture orchard

·         Feeding chickens organically

·         Holistic grazing

·         Cleaning up toxic sites with hemp


PLUS: the ever-popular moon calendar, prizes, and more…

...see full contents


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